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Preventing Fires in Sectional Title Schemes

01 Jul 2013
The body corporate is obliged to ensure that the scheme has adequate fire insurance.

Tips and Tricks to help you save on your Electricity Bill this Winter

24 Jun 2013
How do you stay warm this winter without running up such a high electricity bill?

Landlords: The legal aspects of signing a Lease Agreement

03 Jun 2013
Managing a property investment portfolio can be a tedious and time consuming process which a busy investor will often prefer to avoid.

The Lease Agreement

03 Jun 2013
Ensure that your Lease Agreement is current with all new legislation.

Finding the right tenant

03 Jun 2013
Tips to help you find the right tenant

Dealing With Electricity Charges

03 Jun 2013
The Lease agreement should stipulate who is responsible for paying electricity, however, the owner is ultimately responsible.

Maintaining your property investment

03 Jun 2013
Tips to help you maintain your property

What is a Sectional Title Property?

14 May 2013
When you buy into a sectional title complex or development, you purchase a section or sections and an undivided share of the common property in the complex

What is a freehold or full title property?

14 May 2013
In a full title property, the buyer takes ownership of the land and everything which is built on it.

ANGOR Celebrates: 300 Complexes & Estates and counting

23 Apr 2013
ANGOR manages 300 Complexes and Estates ... and counting!
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